Henry’s Battle, Love and lives in conflict in World War Two

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LAUNCHED APRIL 2014: HENRY’S BATTLE, Love and lives in conflict in World War Two By Gloria E. Swan

Henry has big plans, to play test cricket, and to do his 
bit in putting an end to World War Two. Leaving his matchmaking mother, and his home town of Murwillumbah, Henry sets off with on his mission to Cowra for basic training. There he meets Connie, the girl of his dreams. But Henry’s path to true love and world salvation is turbulent as he is posted to undertake dangerous intelligence duties in the Middle East and New Guinea. Again and again, Henry must choose between his career and his family. Inspired by the discovery by the author, Gloria E. Swan, of her father’s wartime letters, Henry’s Battle gives us a glimpse into the challenges faced by thousands of Australian families.

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Published by JACOKAT, Henry’s Battle, Love and Lives in Conflict in World War Two.

ISBN : 978 0 9875735 0 6 (Print); 978 09875735 1 3 (PDF); 978 09875735 2 0  (EPUB) Dewey Number: A8234

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